On looking for moments that take your breath away

My recent journey to the Himalayas and Everest Basecamp changed me in a way I can barely grasp yet.

But I feel it in everything I do, I feel it in everything I feel. In my attitude towards what life throws at me and in my values.

One of the thoughts that keeps coming back to me these days is related to something I wrote on one of the first nights there, that reads:

“Once in a while, take on a journey that shakes your whole being. It’ll help you remember what being alive really means.
I wished to reach Everest Basecamp and see the beautiful peaks close by. I wanted to be in the heart of the tallest mountains in the world and get to know them.
After days when no plane left for Lukla – the starting point for this, and when our schedule flight arrived, it was delayed several times. When we finally boarded the plane and took off, my heart almost exploded with joy – despite my fear of flying. The exact same disappointment¬†intensity followed when the pilot told us we go back as we can’t land because of bad weather.
Then I literally cried and laughed and trembled and almost hugged the pilot who landed us the second day in Lukla in an helicopter. After a stop in a village 2 min away by helicopter. To wait for a window to land up there in Lukla.
I’m an event manager. I am in control of things and I do back up plans to back up plans. How do you un-teach a person like me to let go of things and understand some things happen that no one can control?¬†
I hope I learned some things :)”

…and the thoughts I was referring to in the beginning are related to how can you have more moments like these?

That either take your breath away or leave you hopeless.

But that make you feel so alive.

And my answer, so far, is to expose yourself to the things you love doing. 

Do more of what your heart calls you to do.

That way, you’ll be surprised more. And feel alive more.

What’s your answer?