How a relationship should be

When passion and attraction are not in peak anymore, a relationship is about trust and vulnerability for the couple to be themselves fully. No putting down, no insecurities, no sacrifices, no approvals, no dehumanization.

It means growing as individuals, together. It’s the freedom to recharge your own way, alone or together.

It’s the feeling of love when, no matter how crazy and unreasonable you are from time to time, you’re told you’re ok, and easy to be with. Naive, childish, serious, unsociable, lost, lazy, smart or witty. But still wanted, for exactly what you are.

A relationship means support through imperfections, a hug when scared, a heartfelt advice, a shoulder to cry on. An ironic laugh to remember not to take life too seriously as it’ll end one day, for sure.

A fight, a talk, then making up… and holding hands. It’s about sleeping close together on one side of the bed despite the plenty of room left on the big bed.

A relationship builds to overcome insecurities. To feel safe to open up, the way you are, trusting this can only help to make the couple a better total that the two individuals forming it.

A relationship is when they both love their dog, their kid, each other… and themselves.