How and when to quit

Quitting is bad

Quitting in our world is mostly associated with giving up. And yes, sometimes quitting is giving up too soon, maybe just before you make it through. It’s like running a marathon and abandoning on the last 5 km. All the effort is in vain because you just gave up too soon.

“Never quit” & “Never give up” are the worst advices anyone can give you. While “Never quit your long term strategy just because you’re momentarily stressed or having a though period” is actually the right piece of advice.

When quitting is the best thing you can do

Quitting is good when it means decluttering your life of the things that just keep you “busy”. So that you make room for the ones that really matter and focus on the goals and tactics that can lead you to success. Quitting doesn’t mean to abandon your long-term strategy (being that a business, a career, a relationship, a sale etc.), but rather giving up the tactics that don’t work in order to make room for innovation or to dedicate more time to the things that work.

Any mediocre work should be abandoned. That kind of work won’t lead to success, and it’s just keeping you warm and comfortable in a zone that will never help you grow. Quit especially when you feel comfortable and mediocre. Quit when you feel you’re just coping with something leading nowhere.

How to quit

Quitting for the short-term is bad. That means, when you just feel that it’s all to difficult, you’re just too stressed and it’s all too much and for too long out of your comfort zone. Quitting because you’re panicked is really not a good idea.

Quitting for the long-term is actually the best idea. That means you have a purpose, you have a strategy, and you’re just too busy with doing many things that might or might not be connected to your strategy. You might be stuck in an never ending loop leading nowhere or you might be just too proud to quit. You might be in a job where you can’t advance anymore, everyone knows you and you’re extremely comfortable. Quit. And go find some challenging, meaningful work.

The best time to quit is before you start, actually. When deciding to start something new, think about quitting as well. When are you going to quit and under what circumstances. Write this down. When time will come to think about quitting, it’ll all be easier to asses whether that fits the plan or not.

***To read all about quitting, when to quit but mostly when not to quit, read Seth Godin’s book “The Dip“. It’s a short book and it’s totally worth the time!