7 things I wish I’d known in my 20’s

You always learn new things while facing situations, people and new life experiences. Sometimes you’d wish you’d learn some things earlier on.  Some years are rich in personal growth, some are more about growing others. But nevertheless, learning and growing is a big part of each one’s life. And I believe it should be a conscious exercise as much as possible.

Reflecting on my 20’s, I realize I wish I have learned some more things during that time. I don’t have regrets, but I can only imagine how my life would look now if only I were braver earlier on.

Do you have such things you’d wish you have known earlier on?

(1) Having a purpose

I’ve been waking up at 6 am every morning for almost 3 years now. Sometimes, it is a bit more difficult, but with the purpose in mind and the right motivation, you really get out of the bed. And start working for that purpose.

(2) Intentional learning

Getting to where you want means invariably having to learn and be better at certain things. As long as you are intentional about those, you can actually learn everything faster and get where you want much easier.

(3) Surround yourself with the right people

First, know who the right people are for the kind of life you want to have. The people that can understand, support and challenge you towards your dreams and goals. Make time for them, while removing the ones that feel like a constant drag of energy from your side.

(4) Invest in healthy habits

Exercise. Eat as little sugar as possible. Sleep. The list can continue, but these three things are the best starting point you can have. They not only help in living healthy and have more energy, but they also contribute to building a needed discipline to succeed.

(5) Give

Start and give to the rest of the world, so you make room to receive. Give your old clothes, give your time, your writing and lessons. Give to whomever is open to receiving.

(6) Never chase to explore

New hobbies, new opportunities, new life paths. It’s the only way to find your purpose if you don’t have one yet. Or learn and grow. And define yourself, your values and your dreams. Explore the world, its people, cultures, books; but also your mind and everything that yourself can do.

(7) Accept both happy and sad

Happiness is overrated. You don’t need to be happy or ok all the times, the best or the soul of the party. It’s ok to be you. Sad sometimes, introvert, less talkative and reflective. It’s ok to prefer to read a book than party sometimes. Accept yourself for who you are and accept your struggles to become who you want to become. Life’s hard no matter what, don’t make it even harder for yourself.

Life in itself is a lesson. As Steve Jobs said, “stay hungry, stay foolish”. You’re on your path to becoming who you want to become, and the only things to add are a bit of intention, a pinch of acceptance and the right energy to keep it all going!