About the blogger

Teodora ChetanI’ve recently reached the round age of 30 and I don’t know if it’s the age or a life crisis, but I have been restless since. I’ve struggled with finding a passion to hold on to, been to some courses with brilliant teachers, explored options and retired from seeing and doing things I didn’t feel like doing. At the end of this process which luckily lasted only a few months, I’ve discovered I love to read and act on everything related to a balanced life. On this blog, I’m sharing my discoveries about work and life balance through my life-lessons filters.

I am never going to pretend I am an expert – too humble to ever assume I know enough to say this. But this blog helps me crystalize my ideas, read more on the things that interest me, try out new things and habits, do more for myself and share with the world my ideas in hope for meaningful conversations.

Although not an expert, I am passionate about the topic, and I believe my passion is somehow related to:

  • Living abroad for 2 years in a country that lives the dream of work and life balance; Denmark is the country with the happiest people in the world. I have seen and felt how it is to be balanced in your living and how this contributed to a life of personal joy and professional mastery;
  • Experiencing a lot of cultures; travelled on 5 continents and nearly 30 different countries; having boyfriends and friends from different cultures and religions, living with roommates that weren’t Romanians – I’ve learned a great deal on cultural differences, helping me to become more resilient, adaptable, BALANCED with my opinions and judgements of the world;
  • Having jobs that required my everything – working from 8 am to 8, 10, 11 pm only to start the next day early morning. The pressure to make everything perfect within very tight deadlines and usually with very few staff. A rhythm sustained only by passion and really loving what I was doing – event management; this was not at all a balanced life, it was quite the contrary;
  • Having jobs that weren’t a match for me, my wishes and personality: didn’t get along with my boss, disagreed with wanted strategies and means of action, lack of open communication – and what I did to still find a way to do what I love. Of course, till the time came to quit the things that weren’t making me happy anymore while having the courage to go look for my place in the world;
  • (Finally) Finding balance while loving what I am doing: after quite a few disappointments and trials and errors;
  • My struggle to find meaning.

I’m 30 and I live in Cluj Napoca, a city in the heart of Transylvania, in Romania. Cluj is my favorite city in the world, though close to my second home, Copenhagen and my dear Lisbon which I absolutely adore as a travel destination. I choose to write in English because it’s much more comfortable for me and I also think I can reach more people like this. But please excuse my English mistakes – I am not an expert here either.

As a profession, I am an event manager. It’s a job that has nothing to do with work and life balance usually. When something goes wrong, it doesn’t matter it’s outside your working hours, or that you’re not qualified to do a certain task or… anything for that matter except the event that needs to be perfect. Despite this, I still believe my life can be balanced and this blog is about how I am doing this – to inspire you to do the same. My life has proven me it’s possible, so it must be possible for you too!

Teodora Chetan