Why be mean for no reason?

The idea of being mean with absolutely no reason dawned on me while walking my dog one day. It is a small adorable bowl of fur wanting nothing but some love and play. Still, while walking her on the sidewalk, some people simply cannot help but have mean remarks and comments.

I do love her and it hurts to hear them paying these comments for absolutely no reason but unjustified meanness. I realize this is coming from something else they’re experiencing in their own personal life. Frustrations, bad days, unmet desires, unhappiness.

It’s sad to meet people so angry with life, so unbalanced, so sad and blind. And when you are like this, it’s easy to burst on anything at hand. Apparently, it costs you nothing. Maybe some brain cells that will die for good. Probably some negativity encouraged to expand. Or maybe focusing on a wrong direction while the real issue lingers unresolved. You think being angry comes at no cost?

Being angry and bursting with no reason is not free, that’s an illusion. Only kindness is free to give, while it literally pays back so much more. But this is a choice we all need to make each given second we have on this Earth.

“In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” – Unknown