How simply doing one thing at a time helps you all the way

Doing one thing at a time is the exact opposite of multitasking. It means sticking to only one task till it’s done, and only after that moving on to the next. Also, it requires focusing on that one thing while removing all noise and distractions surrounding you.

How we normally do things

  • It’s common to check social media or emails while in meetings or when we’re out with friends.
  • We often eat lunch in front of our computer at work or TV at home.
  • Most of us text while driving, at least from time to time.
  • We turn on the TV and leave it on while being busy doing other things.
  • We have multiple conversations while gathering data for a project and trying to reply to emails and sort out the next step in an issue we have at work while our mother is calling and…

Does this sound similar to what you’re doing? How do you feel at the end of such a day?

Being engaged in multiple things at a time is not doing us any good. Short and long term too. Our brain is busy processing all these things, but it’s not made to multitask. We feel tired mid-day, and we notice we’re not that productive. It often feels like we’ve been so busy but we haven’t done much that day.

What if we switch to doing one thing at a time?

Imagine a magnifying glass above some leaves in a sunny day. If we keep moving the glass nothing will happen, but if we focus a ray of light upon those leaves, a fire can start.

This is a brilliant metaphor of what can happen in real life as well. If we focus on doing one thing at a time, we risk to really pay attention, to see less obvious solutions and even get things done faster. We also release happiness hormones that at the end of the day will make us feel like we’ve done so much, and we’ll still have the energy to enjoy the rest of the day.

Try giving your undivided attention to one things at a time and see how your life will change!