How second chances are life’s biggest teachers

Second chances are life’s way of telling you to give it another try. To really learn the lessons you might have missed the first time. You can give something or someone a second chance. But the most difficult second chances we can give are the ones to ourselves.

Second chances can be given to small things, like trying a new type of food for the second time to see it you really don’t like it. They can be given when learning something new. Doing things all over again is the beginning of mastery. The more you exercise, the better you become at that something, even if starting again can be really hard. You’re demotivated and probably think you’ll never be able to do that. Or you feel overwhelmed by difficulty, complexity, the amount of new things, pressure and so on. Giving that a second chance is hard. But in the end, it’s giving yourself a permission to play again.

Living in the past

One of the biggest traps we can fall in is to dwell in the mistakes we’ve done. We all make mistakes, and its ok to ponder on them. Learn as much as you can, then let them go and allow yourself to start again. You can be mistaken even a second time, or a third. Learn the lessons and move on, strive to be better and better but always focus on the present and what you can do. It’s no use to live in the past and in the what could have been. You can’t change the past, make peace with the idea and live on.

Giving ourselves second chances

Many times we only see the chance we had once it’s all gone. We only appreciate what we had once we’ve lost it all. And that is when it’s the most difficult moment when we can give a second chance. To ourselves. Going over putting ourselves down for how stupid we were to not realizing what great chance we had is one of the most difficult things we need to do. We feel angry and raged for letting things slip our hand the way they did. Overcoming these feelings and being able to see there’s still life ahead is the hardest milestone in giving a second chance.

We can only see things from a different perspective when we allow ourselves to be in another place, higher up, that allows a wider view. This happens when we detach from the past and our mistakes in there. And move on, with some lessons learned that make us wiser. That’s when we’ll be able to understand why some things happened the way they did. Some we’ll only get maybe later on, or never. But even so, we need to trust that our life didn’t end there. It’s still ahead of us, and we should only give it a second chance.

Permission to play

Life is a game you were meant to play the moment you were born. Making mistakes is natural, for us and for the ones we interact with. Nobody’s perfect. But there’s one rule you should never forget: life is for play. Only by playing we have a chance at winning, and winning can mean something different for each one of us.

Being stuck in a mistake we have made or a wrong someone has done to us means the game is paused. We’re not playing it anymore and therefore loosing time and our chances at winning. Yes, sit there a little bit and understand what happened, how that made you feel, but then go back and play again. Give second chances, to yourself and everyone and everything. That’s the permission to play you need in order to stand a chance at winning in life. And we all love to win, whatever that means: happiness, seeing the world, having kids, money or being world famous. Therefore, no matter where you are in life, remember the game is on. You have permission to play, be wrong and be back for as long as you’re willing to try. Game on!