Let’s dive into the unknown: Tanzania!

Life is short and, truth be told, you never know when it will end, or when it will challenge you in a way you’ll have to rethink, reinvent and replan everything you know. If you think like this, then choosing an adventure or something that makes your soul feel alive, as often as you can, will be totally something you should consider.

This is my personal thinking, and that’s why lately I am experimenting with the things I love, challenging myself to push my limits and doing something for myself only, at least from time to time. In a few days I’m about to start a new adventure I’d been thinking about for some time: climb the highest peak in Africa, Uhuru Peak (5,895 m) in Kilimanjaro range.

I’m nervous, but also excited. I dread the summit night, as climbing above 5,000 m is a real challenge, but once there I know I’ll have, again, the best feeling in the world.

Besides the personal challenge, as in the end the fight is only with your yourself, body and mind, I look forward to be, for the first time, in the sub-Saharan Africa. A few things I look forward to meet & discover are the people, their culture, foods (coconut crab and banana stew) and music. Also, to explore all vertical climate layers in only one week, from the hot jungle to the freezing altitude.

Did you know Tanzania is the country where Freddy Mercury was born?

Tanzania is also home to over 120 tribes, and the four colors in its flag represent the beautiful nature (green), mineral deposits (yellow), people (black) and blue lakes. Lake Victoria also happens to be the largest tropical lake and the second largest freshwater lake in the world. More than that, 30% of the country’s territory is represented by natural parks and reservations.

Tanzania has also the most expensive wood in the world, the Mpingo tree, and houses the world’s largest volcanic crater, Ngorongoro, with a diameter of 19 km and is 600 m deep. Read more interesting facts about Tanzania, looks like it’s an amazing destination for safari, islands and beach activities as well.

All in all, I can’t wait to be there. Wish me luck and I’ll back with pictures 🙂