Robin Sharma’s “lead without a title” talk… or leadership philosophy

Leadership was the keyword during the first talk of the day at Brandminds 2018 in Bucharest, with Robin Sharma’s “Lead without a title”. It was a good choice to start the conference, I believe, as the speech was more on the inspirational side rather than passing on results to studies or some heavy knowledge. For me personally, it was a good reminder of some key concepts when leading and working with other human beings.

Just to give a little structure to this blogpost, I’ll take the liberty of classifying the topics he discussed about into several areas. It will also make more sense for the structured minds (wink).

Business. Industry. Excellence

  • Own your industry, be knowledgeable, reach excellence
  • Focus on being brilliant to just a few things
  • How productive and creative can you be when no-one is watching and when there’s nothing in it for you?
  • Are your works excellent, magical?
  • The moment you fall in love with your product and/or success, that moment is the start of your fall (e.g. Nokia, MySpace). You need to always keep the spark going, and serve.
  • Little contributions made every day lead to progress and build an empire, or the so called “daily seemingly insignificant contributions”
  • Work ethically and hard, then rest and recover
  • Be fierce when you need to do something great, but keep your poet heart: mindset & heart-set

People. Leadership

  • It takes so little to make someone happy
  • To lead is to serve
  • Stop “getting ready”… to start, to lead, to live…
  • People are closed in today’s world. What about opening up, with a soul generated by love, and grace


  • Be vulnerable, you don’t know it all
  • Be alive, able to bring back the energy in a room through your passion and spark
  • Who are you becoming?
  • How do you overcome adversity?
  • Genius is in habit. It take 66 days to install a habit
  • Laugh, relax, have fun and pay attention to details (e.g. the sunsets)
  • Wake up early
  • Exercise 20 min in the morning. Sweat will release the good hormones in your brain, and it’s only early morning. You actually start the day with a cocktail of mastery hormones in your brain
  • If you’re exhausted, drop the things that don’t matter
  • Failing is a misuse of your potential, to not listening to within
  • Spend time with art, everyday. Nature, books, they offer all the inspiration you seek

The new rules of legendary leadership

  • Execution & value: give your customers 10x the value they are paying for, and they’ll become your fans. Be the one who helps, and serves, the most
  • Leadership 2.0 is a performance not a title. Be an expert
  • A job is only a job if seen as a job. What if you see it differently? Imagine you can do thing better than anyone? Choose to serve to make others happy? Suffer in order to produce passion? What if you give up your ego, and give your soul a chance? Serve, push your limits, do the things you don’t feel like doing. And see how the job changes
  • Real leaders grow more leaders. Praise people for what they do well, make them feel great
  • Leadership is about 3 things: inspiration, influence, impact

In the end, you will never rise more in your life than your character. Than what you believe you can do. Your inner life drives it all: your mindset, your heart-set, your health-set and your soul-set.

When you die, nothing else will matter except who did you become and how many people you served.