[Rant] Stay, or leave this relationship? Being alone sucks


For all the fools out there thinking they can change their partners, or hoping things will get better. To all the naive thinking anything is better that being on your own. That being unhappy, unsatisfied, criticized, put down and ignored by the one and only, true love is always better than being on your own.*


I know you’re scared to be alone. Being alone really sucks.* But it’s the only way to learn to live with your own shit. The only way to learn to manage yourself and figure out what makes you happy, sad, content, miserable and so on.


Before there’s no point of return – your courage and self-esteem will disappear sooner or later. And you’ll get so comfortable, and you mind will tell you that how on Earth will you find someone else. Better safer than alone. No one wants to be alone, it’s sooooo scary! Yes, being alone really sucks.*


You only have one life. And after a storm usually comes the sun. As long as you open the shades.

If you still dream you’ll be happy in love one day, then run away from the relationship that makes you miserable today. You will feel miserable right after, and you will feel alone. Or… you might feel free. And better, each given day.

Don’t tell me you need to stick around so that no-one can tell you didn’t try enough. That you didn’t fight. Fuck that fight! It’s not worth it!

A relationship works. From the beginning, every day. And each moment is a confirmation of how things work. You connect and grow. Individually, and as a couple.

If you need to fight that means it’s not the right relationship. If you need to change the partner so that he or she can make you happy, let me tell you something: keep dreaming. But suffer the consequences. It’s not going to happen. People don’t change fundamentally. Period.


It’s your only way to stand a chance to be in the right relationship. The only way to find yourself. “The one” will find your way, once you shine again.

*On your own = being able to do what you want. When you want. To sing and dance and yell and go mad. To cry. To travel and explore yourself. To masturbate a lot or try new partners. To eat in the bed or break whatever rule you had before. To do only what you’re in the mood to do. Read, binge watch TV, go in that crazy holiday that wasn’t appropriate before. Yes, it really sucks being on your own. I really pity you.


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