Shed Simove & How to generate (out of the box) ideas

Continuing to share the things I was impressed about at Brandminds 2018 in Bucharest (after talking about Seth Godin and Daniel Goleman), I’ll do my best to give you at least a little glimpse into the most entertaining of the sessions there.

The main ideas were just a few, and nothing you’ve never heard of. But what was a true inspiration was to see how he put these principles into practice. That was the real strength of this brilliant mind.

Idea generation is basically a result of changing thoughts, and if you want that you need to change the context. Here are some of his advices on how to do that (and then we’ll go into examples):

  • Treat your life as an experiment (meaning: never take things as they are, bu only as triggers for what they can potentially become)
  • Think about how you can update something already existing (as truly innovative ideas might be a tad hard to find):
    • tweak that already existing thing (at least just a little bit);
    • break a barrier holding that idea back in a box;
    • associate things you normally don’t (open a Yellow Pages book and an Encyclopedia and try to come up with an idea that covers two of the things in those randomly open books);
    • break a rule. As everything except nature is man made, including rules.
  • Always ask yourself how can you give your clients more value (so you can ask for more money)
  • The best route to come up with a new idea is to be unhappy & dissatisfied with something
    • how can you “touch” your customers somewhere special?
    • habits: sell & advertise to your customer’s habits
    • find what your customer’s problems are
  • If you can’t beat your competition, create your own competition 🙂
  • If you’re just starting and you’re small, how can you perturb/affect/influence something big and get their PR? What’s your Unique Selling Proposition?
  • Take an idea from one industry and apply it to your industry (something we call nowadays “disruption”)
  • Use more video
  • Invest in an experimentation fund, that’s where wild ideas come from (meaning: take time for this and create the environment to actively doing it)
  • People care about the story. Press cares about the story. Attach a story to any product and idea
  • Release out there “cut & paste” stories (photos, videos, text): so that anyone can grab them & reshare, use, create an article etc
  • Go to trade shows outside your area of expertise to get new ideas and inspiration

In the end, inspiration is everywhere. Depends only on how your look at things. Let’s see some of the things this crazy man did 🙂


He created his own personal tinder, where he was the only person anyone could “match” with. Why? To get the PR associated with tinder


He wrote his own book. It wasn’t the first one, just that this had only empty pages. The PR was huge. It got translated into many languages.


Another book, another idea, another success


#GoogleNigeria (to look-up your inheritance)

Look them all up here and also, enjoy the way he deals with all the scandals he’s generating through his ideas (he’s been in touch with Google’s, Tinder’s or Apple’s lawyers, and not once…).