The 4 weeks challenge

I like challenging myself and the latest challenge was about writing, every working day, for a month. I wanted to build a bit on my discipline, creativity but also getting some more writing practice. Wasn’t easy, as this month had some days where I had to get up at 5 am to be able to do so. But it was worth the ride.

Thinking about how this kind of challenge helps, the main things would be as follows.

Being intentional

Writing is an exercise about research and creativity. But you need to be intentional about choosing the topics, reflecting on things that happen to you and try to add a personal perspective into it all. The same thing applies when aiming for something. You need to pay attention all the way and be intentional about building the small things towards the end goal.


Every day, you start all over again. It would be way easier to just do what the brain is in the mood to doing, and disregard what you’ve set yourself to be doing.

Enjoy the early mornings

I could see how the day becomes longer every day. How some days are rainy, others beautifully shiny. How some days the traffic is crazy. I had the most funny partner in all this, my dog. Lately she loves spending time looking outside the window.

Get better at something

That is what motivated me to get started, and realize what I want to do next as well. You get to have a better idea of what it all is about, and make some future plans as well. It’s a great way to test if one of your passions is a real thing or it won’t pass the discipline test.

So, is there something you want to get better at? Maybe a 4 weeks challenge can help you in achieving this, and learn some more on top of that.