The transformative power of classical music and leadership

piano player

We might love or not really be aware of classical music and its beauty. But nevertheless, as anything in this world that we understand, classical music and leadership can influence our mood and transform us. Let’s sit down and watch the following TED talk, emerging into the charm and charisma of Benjamin Zander, while learning about Chopin and leadership. Then continue our read below.



Quite an amazing man, isn’t it? I fell in love with his excitement, passion and energy coming out of his love for music and confidence in what he was doing. Listening and watching him, I realized a few things I’d like to share here, and they’re all connected to life, leadership and well-being.


Life, interactions and mood (to say the least) depend on how you choose to react to whatever you see or face. Like in the video, you can choose to see something being a lost cause (“no one is wearing shoes”) or a huge opportunity. You can choose a small, boring goal (like getting from 3 to 4%) that will wear you off, or go for something really exciting. Up to you, isn’t it?

Choosing the right attitude is the difference between sanity and depression, success and failure, a bright vs a crappy day and so on. But look at Benjamin. Why won’t you choose such an attitude? What’s there to lose?

Your following steps

Choosing an attitude means taking a stand when it comes to your next steps. Depending on what goals you choose, your following steps can lead you to more or less satisfying experiences. A good attitude will point you for sure to a direction that will set important building bricks towards success, like confidence, influencing the right people and so on.

Giving up

Like the child in the video, he was on the way to mastery. But he gave up to soon settling for being good enough. There are times when giving up is needed, but you need to make sure you’re not giving up just before that something great you were expecting is about to happen. Maybe what you actually need is a change of tactics, not a goal abandonment. And this rule is valid for personal life as well as business.


People are disengaged with classical music, the same way many employees are disengaged with their work. But once Benjamin explains a bit of how Chopin created its music, and attached some emotions to it (“while you’re listening, think about a dear person that’s no longer with you”), the audience is with him. Into his music. And it works the same when we have clarity on what we’re doing, a personal project or a work project. Being aware of where we’re heading, why we’re heading there and ideally contributing to that as well is key to achieving success. Leadership (personal or for others) is about being crystal clear about your way.


Imagine someone will say to you “I am sure we can do this because I know my team and the kind of people in it. They’re experts and they can totally rock this.” Wouldn’t you like such a leader? Choose the people you work with, and work with them in full confidence. As well, be a person that trust himself to be able to do great things. Become a master at something and work towards achieving your goals, trusting yourself totally.

In the end, no matter if we talk about ourselves or others in our family or team with which we’re trying to achieve a common something, how do we know we’re doing it? “…if the eyes are shining, you’re doing it” right. If the passion is there, there’s clarity, desire, confidence and a will to make it happen no matter what. And that’s the true transformation of leadership… and music, dancing, business, personal development, life…