What is your real power?

Last week in a workshop we’ve been asked about our superpowers.

What is that thing we bring to the table, each one of us, to contribute to the growth of the whole (organization, team etc.)

And that made me think about the fact that we all, way to often, only think about what’s missing in our life. Or what we still need to improve.

Without taking a moment to really appreciate what’s already in there. What is our real power.

Can be grit, a strong determination to accomplish something you really put your mind to do, no matter the difficulties.

Can be creativity, a force to see things before others do, in a way few people are able to.

Or maybe you just can feel what others are feeling and are able to tell how they’ll react.

You might be great with numbers. Or take amazing photos. Or you master Photoshop like no one else around you.

Can be a personality trait, or a skill, but have you though about your real, authentic power? Before thinking what you need to get better at, have you taken the time to really ask yourself how can you contribute? Right now, what is that thing you’re really valuable for?

What if you use this real power to contribute? What if we all use our superpowers to make a better home, a better workplace, a better neighborhood? How would such a world look like?