What you need to be truly on top of your game

You’re already one of the best at what you’re doing. You have nothing left to prove to anyone. Everyone around you looks up to you and trusts you. Your game is top level.

The question is how do you stay like this? The world is changing and what’s trendy today might become obsolete tomorrow. What do you need to do in order to make sure you continue to be on top of your game?

Game stretch

Challenge yourself to see wether you can do more, do better or do different. Consciously working on improving and doing just a little bit extra will help you stay on top of you game. You need to stretch on a daily basis to stay up to date and keep your level of mastery. Keeping a top position is a game you need to win every day, and the only chance to win is to be a better version today than you were yesterday.

Look out

To stay relevant look out for what’s changing. Always be informed about the trends in your field, what competition is doing and how tools & machines can take your place. Better to be prepared than taken by surprise. To stay on top of your game, always look out for news, be informed and knowledgeable. Read as much as you can and learn on an ongoing basis.


Your daily routine or weekly activities should switch from your job to totally different things. If you work as a sales person, maybe some gardening would do. The idea is to do something totally different so that you can train also your other part of the brain you use less at your job. This way, you can count on your whole brain when you need a new idea or a different perspective.